Use Push Notifications & App Icon Badge

Castro can send a push notification as soon as a new episode of one of your podcasts is published. In addition to informing you of new episodes, these notifications can also be used to perform triage.

Allowing Push Notifications

  • Open Castro and tap the settings cog on the top left of the screen.
  • Tap “Notifications & Badge”
  • Slide the “Allow Notifications & Badge” switch on. The first time you do this, iOS will prompt you for permission to send push notifications.
  • If you denied this permission first time you were asked, you’ll have to enable it in the iOS Settings app. Tap “Open Settings” to jump to the appropriate place in Settings, then return to Castro.

Choose Notification Types

  • You can choose to receive notifications of episodes that arrive in the inbox or just those that are set to auto-queue.
  • Tap the “New Episode in Inbox” cell to toggle inbox notifications. A small green checkmark will appear to indicate that it is active.
  • Tap the “New Episode in Queue” cell to toggle queue notifications. A small green checkmark will appear to indicate that it is active.
  • If you don’t choose either cell, you won’t receive notifications despite the permission being active.

Notification Based Triage

If you drag the notification down when it appears, or 3d touch on it in Notification Centre, you will reveal the following actions:

  • Play Now
  • Queue Next
  • Queue Last
  • Archive

Tap one of these to triage the episode without even opening Castro. These actions are also available on notifications that display on your Apple Watch.

App Icon Badge

  • Castro can display a red badge on the app icon indicating the number of episodes in the inbox, queue or both added together.
  • Tap the “Inbox Count” or “Queue Count” cells to toggle them on or off.

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