Sleep Timer Tips

Castro includes a sleep timer feature that can pause playback after a set period so that you can fall asleep while listening without accidentally playing through the full episode while you sleep.


Activate the sleep timer from the player controls:

  • On the left side of the black player bar at the bottom of the screen, tap the up arrow icon to open the player controls.
  • Near the top of the play controls screen, find the bar that starts with a ZZZ icon.
  • Tap 5,10,15,20,30,45 or 60 minutes to set the timer duration.
  • If an episode is currently playing when you set the timer, it’ll start counting down immediately, otherwise, it’ll start counting down as soon as you press play.


  • When the timer expires, the audio will fade out.
  • If you press play again within 60 seconds, the sleep timer will extend. A computer voice will tell you that it has been extended.
  • If you pause and resume with 60 seconds remaining, the timer will extend too.
  • You can also manually move the slider to set the sleep timer to a different interval.

See how much time remains

  • The time remaining will be displayed in Control Centre and on the lock screen.

Cancelling the Sleep Timer

  • If you wish to cancel the sleep timer so that Castro won’t pause, drag the sleep timer slider back to 0.

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