Episodes Are Only Arriving When I Open The App

Castro works in the background to get new episodes of your podcasts so that the app is up to date when you open it.

This feature relies on background app refresh in iOS, which is switched on by default but can be turned off.

If episodes are only arriving when you open the app, please check the following settings:

  • In the Settings app, open General→Background App Refresh, make sure Background App Refresh is on overall, and also that it is switched on for Castro specifically.
  • Background App Refresh is disabled when your device is in Low Power Mode. You can enable and disable Low Power Mode in the Settings app under Battery settings. 
  • iOS will prevent any background updates or notifications to the app until next time you manually open any app that has been forced to close . If you want Castro to work correctly in the background, you must not force quit it.
  • If you are not on wifi, and have cellular data switched off for Castro, it will not be able to refresh episodes until you’re on wifi again. You can change this in the iOS Settings app, in the Cellular section. Scroll down to the app list and ensure Castro is set on.
  • If none of this helps, you can try togging the “Allow Notifications & Badges” switch in Castro settings off and back on. Castro will re-register your device for background notifications.

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