Auto-Queue and Auto-Archive

You can change how Castro handles newly published episodes on the podcast settings screen. A video tutorial of this feature is available here.


Castro is designed to help you handle a large number of podcasts. Instead of adding every episode to a playlist, Castro encourages episode triage. You review the inbox and queue the interesting episodes and archive the rest. Inbox is the default setting for newly subscribed podcasts. If you imported your subscriptions from another app, they’ll all be set to put new episodes in the inbox.


If you know that you’ll want to listen to almost every new episode of a podcast, one of these two options might be preferable to sending them to the inbox:

  • Queue Last: Adds new episodes of this podcast to the end of the queue.
  • Queue Next: Adds new episodes to the queue right after the currently playing top item.

Episodes in the queue are downloaded automatically, so this is a good way to handle podcasts that you want to ensure get downloaded without any manual work on your part.


If you don’t want new episodes to be queued automatically or appear in the inbox, choose Archive. This settings is useful for:

  • Story-type podcasts where you intend to listen in order from oldest to newest. Archiving the new episodes means they won’t get in your way while you catch up. Instead you can manually add them to the queue from the archive.
  • Any podcast where you’d rather dip into the back catalogue instead of focusing on new episodes.

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